Face Swap Made Easy: A Guide to Swapping Faces in PicsArt

Face swapping is a fun and popular trend in photo editing, allowing you to exchange faces with friends, family, or even celebrities to create hilarious and entertaining images. With PicsArt’s intuitive tools and advanced features, swapping faces has never been easier. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of swapping faces in PicsArt, so you can join in on the fun and create your own memorable face swap images.

Swapping Faces in PicsArt

How to Swap Faces in PicsArt:

  1. Open the PicsArt App: Launch the PicsArt premium apk on your device and select the image containing the faces you want to swap.
  2. Access the Cutout Tool: Tap on the “Tools” icon and choose the “Cutout” or “Crop” option from the menu.
  3. Select Faces: Use your finger or stylus to outline the faces you want to swap. Take your time to ensure accurate selection for best results.
  4. Cut and Paste: Once the faces are selected, tap on the “Paste” or “Swap” button to cut out the selected faces from the original image.
  5. Position Faces: After cutting out the faces, you can move and position them as needed to align with the desired faces in the target image.
  6. Blend and Refine: Use blending modes and opacity settings to blend the swapped faces with the target image for a seamless transition. You can also use the eraser tool to refine any areas where the faces may not align perfectly.
  7. Fine-Tune Details: Adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of the swapped faces to ensure they match the overall tone and lighting of the target image.
  8. Final Touches: Once you’re satisfied with the face swap, apply any final touches such as adding effects, filters, or text to enhance your edited image.
  9. Save and Share: After completing your editing, save your work and share it with friends or on social media to spread the laughter and enjoyment of your face swap creation.
How to Swap Faces in PicsArt


With PicsArt’s user-friendly interface and powerful editing tools, swapping faces has never been more accessible or fun. Whether you’re looking to create humorous memes, playful selfies, or creative artwork, PicsArt provides the perfect platform to unleash your imagination and bring your face swap ideas to life. So grab your favorite photos, get creative, and start swapping faces with PicsArt today!

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